Stabbing murder in Hope Creek, Stann Creek


Within hours on Friday, May 7, there were at least three separate incidents which resulted in four fatalities. The first took place in the southern part of the country. At around 5:00 p.m. on that date, police responded to a report at the Southern Regional Hospital where they learned that a male victim was being taken for surgery for injuries he sustained during a stabbing incident. That person, however, later succumbed to his injuries and became Friday evening’s first fatality.
Investigators have since learned that Peter Pau was suffering from a stab wound in Hope Creek located in the Stann Creek Village when a passerby observed him and transported him to the hospital for treatment. He died during surgery and Stann Creek police began their investigations into the homicide.
Pau was described as a calm and helpful individual, doing handyman jobs around the village for payment. That is why those who knew him are especially hurt by his callous murder. Police understand that prior to his murder, Pau and a second man were involved in an altercation that took a turn for the worst. That person inflicted a stab wound to his upper abdomen, later proving fatal. Police have arrested and charged Hilberto Savaria, a tour guide of Hope Creek, for the murder.