Teen kills teen in Belize City

Gerald Tillett Jr.
Kalief Caseres

A 17-year-old minor became the first in a series of murders that took place within Belize City in the last week, beginning on Thursday, May 6. Gerald Tillett Jr., son of the late and infamous Gerald “Shiny” Tillett Sr. who was murdered himself in 2016, was in enemy territory when an attack was made on his life. It took place on Baghdad Street just before 7:00 p.m. His father was once the leader of the George Street Gang and, as such, Tillett Jr. was out of his turf when he was riding his bicycle along Baghdad. It wasn’t too long before multiple shots were fired by a gunman, fatally injuring the minor. Police responded to the incident where they found Tillett Jr. several feet away from his bicycle, indicating that he attempted to run for his life.
Investigators report that before the shots were fired, Tillett was called by two persons, both reportedly known to Tillett, who were standing on West Street. They both walked with him toward Mosul Street before one of them pounced on him. One of those persons has since been arrested for the crime of murder. Kalief Raheim Caseres, 18, is the person whom police believe to be responsible for this murder.
Since Tillett’s murder, several other shootings and murders have taken place in Belize City, and the likelihood that they are possibly related due to gang violence is high.