Weed Minister Silent after Six Weekend Murders!


By Shane D. Williams
Kareem Musa and the Commissioner of Police refuse to face the public after six murders in less than 48 hours. Musa was a regular on the nightly news while in Opposition, providing all the answers for the plague of crime. Since being named Minister of Home Affairs (Police) and New Growth Industries, he has been more active promoting the sale of marijuana and on Tik Tok making fudge than he has been tackling crime and violence in Belize.
Now that there has been a recent spike in murders and shootings, people across the country are asking where is the man who had all the answers before November 11, 2020. Mesopotamia Area Representative, Hon. Shyne Barrow, expressed his concern publicly on Tuesday as his constituency has seen four murders in just over the last week: “As a concerned Area Representative, there’s a war happening in my constituency… The Minister of Police made an excellent point when he was in Opposition, he said that crime, this murder, is just a symptom and the real issue is poverty.”
The United Democratic Party called on the government to embrace a united approach to tackling crime. “The time is now to unite on this critical national issue. The UDP acknowledges that fighting crime is everybody’s business, but asserts that it is the government which has the responsibility to lead the effort, bringing key stakeholders together and matching its rhetoric while in Opposition with the resources it now controls as the administration in charge.”
There has been no statement from Minister Musa and Commissioner Williams since the spike in violence across the country.