Shyne on Mother’s Day


Sunday, May 9th was observed as Mother’s Day. It is a special day set aside to pay tribute to mothers and it was something that was not lost on the Area Representative for the Mesopotamia constituency. On Friday, May 7th he was at his office distributing some Mother’s Day cheer in these most trying of times.
We caught up with the representative at his office and he explained that he was once again able to reach out to donors to assist his constituents. He explained that the assistance was specifically geared to help unemployed mothers in his area. He said the gesture was especially important at this time because of the pandemic which we are facing. Shyne explained that the groceries he was handing out, though not much, do go a long way to assist to feed families who are struggling to cope with the effects of the pandemic.
He committed to continue to assist his constituents as long as donors reach out for him to be able to do so.