Prime Minister Missing


The Prime Minister of Belize is missing! That is the impression that the general public has after it was announced that he would be leaving the country on May 1. There was no telling where he was going, and what the purpose of his travel was. It has been a long held practice for the Belizean public to be told where our leader goes and for what purpose. That was not the case this weekend as Johnny Briceno simply left without saying for what and where he was going.
While it is not uncommon for leaders of countries to travel without saying where they go, for us in Belize it was strange as we have grown accustomed to knowing where our leader is. Now, that aside, the country finds itself in some major problems. The major unions in this country are on strike. The BNTU and the PSU are engaged in a strike and the leader is gone. There is no way that someone in a leadership position should be out of the country during this kind of situation.
A leader must be present during trying times for obvious reasons. After all they are the ones to make the decision on what is to happen, unless of course, he is actually not in charge.
In the press release issued by the Press Office, it simply states that the Prime Minister would leave on the 1st of May and would return on the 5th of May. Five days is a long time and in trying times, under different circumstances it could have been possible that when he returned he would have come to be the Leader of the Opposition once again. Think about it!