BNTU seeks compensation for Salary Cut


The Guardian Newspaper is reliably informed that the leadership of the Belize National Teacher’s Union may be softening up its position of the, ‘no salary cut’ which they have been pressing for over the past few days. The teachers went on strike on April 26th and have maintained that position by taking to Belmopan and protesting during the budget debates at the National Assembly and the Senate. They have actively been demonstrating in the streets of the various municipalities. They were at it on Tuesday, May 4 when again they were in the streets of Belize City. This time they were joined by the Public Service Union which has now also joined in strike action against the Government.
While the teachers and public officers were on the streets, they were called to the negotiation table once again and on Tuesday evening they were back in negotiation mode while still on strike. While there was no resolution in that meeting, the President of the BNTU said she would go to her membership for consultation and return to negotiations on Thursday, May 6.
During the consultation with its membership, the message that Smith is taking is that based on legal advice, the cut must be made by Government. She told her membership that much has been accomplished and that they should not step back. She however is asking that the membership give authorization to have them accept the salary cut, but with an understanding that Government compensate them for it.
It now seems that this is the message they will go to the Government representatives with, in what seems to be a softening of the stance of no to the salary cuts.