Senate votes for economic hard time


The Senate met on Wednesday, April 28, and debated the 2021-2022 budget. After the senators gave their input, a division of the Senate was asked for by the Leader of the UDP in the Senate, Hon. Michael Peyrefitte. At the end, 4 senators including Hon. Michael Peyrefitte, Hon. Sheena Pitts and Hon. Aldo Salazar representing the UDP voted not to have the budget passed as it would pass undue hard times to teachers and public officers. The one other senator who voted against the budget, herself being affected by the salary cut and increment freeze was Senator Elena Smith.
Hon. Osmany Salas, who represents the NGO community, abstained, while all other senators including those representing the PUP, the churches and the business community voted for the senate to pass the Budget.
In the end there were 8 who voted yes, 4 voted no and 1 abstention.