COVID-19 cases and death fatality rate on the rise


Just one week ago, on Wednesday, April 21, data from the Ministry of Health and Wellness (MOHW) recorded 93 active cases of COVID-19 in the country, while the death toll stood at 318. Now, one week later, there are 107 active cases and 323 total deaths recorded. In the recent weeks, there has been the slow but steady increase in cases of COVID-19, with a sharp increase in the number of cases following the Easter weekend and its activities. Prior to this week, there were as many as 39 confirmed cases recorded in just one week, when there was an increase from 54 to 93 active cases in the country. While this week’s climb has not been as large of a jump, the 14 new cases and five more deaths within this one week is of concern to the Ministry as well as the general public.
The Ministry had, for months on end, managed to work to maintain low numbers and had begun to take a number of approaches to lower the national total as well as the total number of deaths. For weeks, there were little to no deaths recorded, and very small numbers of cases recorded in large spaces of time. These latest versions of data from the Ministry are telling a very different story, and it might seem that we are now headed toward where we were just under a year ago. Since early April, the number of cases has slowly but steadily increased, despite more and more persons being vaccinated, and COVID-19 curfew and other quarantine regulations still being in place. As of April 28, more than 41,000 persons have at least received the first dose of the 2-dose AstraZeneca vaccine currently being offered by the Ministry.
Given these increasing numbers as well as an increasing fatality rate, which currently stands at 2.56%, the general public is encouraged to become vaccinated if and when possible, and to practice social distancing and the proper use of face masks when in public.