Julius Espat Attacks Briceño Budget

Julius Espat

By Shane D. Williams
Members of the Briceño administration are upset with Julius Espat for an interview he did with Love News last Thursday, April 15, in which he vilipended the budget preparation process by his government.
Espat claimed that the Ministry of Finance presented his ministry with a ceiling for their budget. According to Espat, after the technical personnel of the Ministry of Infrastructure and Housing spent months preparing their budget under the ceiling proposed by Finance, they were informed multiple times that the ceiling was being lowered. He said, trying to be understanding of the economic times we are in, his ministry agreed every time they were informed of the lowering of the ceiling. What upset Espat is when he sat in the House of Representatives for Briceño’s presentation of the budget, the allocation for the Ministry of Infrastructure and Housing was “totally opposite” of what the experts of the ministry submitted. He claims that the Ministry of Finance is not listening to what the professionals in the ministries submit.
Espat’s statement has drawn the ire of administration insiders. They claim that Espat’s ministry’s budget has been increased by $40 million so he should be the last person to complain. One person said facetiously that maybe he would be happy if they gave him the entire budget.
The budget for the Ministry of Infrastructure and Housing is now the third largest of government; so maybe Espat shouldn’t be complaining. However, if what he is saying about the lack of respect for input from ministry experts is true, then we certainly cannot expect optimal output from the public sector going forward.