Body of Herwin Godoy retrieved


The family and friends of 33-year-old Herwin Godoy now have closure after his body was retrieved from the Belize River in its course near Grace Bank. The employee of Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital lost his life after going under and never resurfacing on Sunday, April 18. He and other persons went to the river bank for some recreational time and according to his brother, Andre Godoy, he saw when Herwn finally entered the water. Unfortunately, Herwin had some difficulties making his way across the river and decided to turn around and head back to the river bank. It is during this time that the current seemed to have pushed down on him and he began to fight for his life against the water.
Noticing the difficulty Herwin was having, Andre and a friend both got into the water but Herwin was quite a distance away. Their friend had almost made it to where Herwin was when he went under again, and from there he never resurfaced after being pulled by the water current.
Since then, search teams had gone out to retrieve his body and it was not until Tuesday, April 20 that it was finally recovered some 100 yards from where he originally went under. During this time, because of the poor visibility in the water, it was nearly impossible to find his body. A net was put under the water and on Tuesday his body was finally caught in that net.