Unions implement industrial action


Negotiations between the Government of Belize and the Joint Unions failed, and the Government went ahead on Friday April 9th to read a budget which features a 3-year 10 percent salary cut, along with increment freeze for the same period.
The first to respond was the Public Service Union, which issued a release where it states that it served notice of a Trade Dispute to the Labor Commissioner on Monday April 12. It noted that they will begin industrial action against the Government by implementing a Work-to-rule campaign beginning on Tuesday April 13th.
By Wednesday April 14th other unions began to gear up. An internal memo from the Belize National Teachers Union plots their course of action in the next few days. The memo notes that there will be picketing in front of businesses that owe taxes on Friday April 16th with a message saying, “Pay your taxes”. Then on April 19th there will be a demonstration on the highway (it does not specify which one) and the blocking of that highway for 15 minutes.
On Tuesday April 20th they plan to boycott gas stations. On Wednesday April 21st they will be protesting in front of SMART and BTL. On Thursday April 22 there will be another demonstration on the highway and on April 26th there will be a walkout of schools.
Meanwhile the Nurses Association has sent out a release where they say they too will be taking industrial action. The release says they are ready to join other unions in any industrial action.