Heat wave causes chicken kill


Temperatures in the central region of the country reached a scorching 104 degrees Fahrenheit over the weekend and as a result there was a great number of chickens that died.
Through a press release issued on April 12, the Poultry Association noted that, “poultry is very susceptible to extreme heat exposure. Our chicken barns have cooling fans in place to help reduce the stress placed on the birds by these heat waves during the dry season.” It added that, “heat stress can cause death and therefore losses to the poultry farmers. The recent heat waves have caused some losses but this was expected. Every year during the dry season we experience losses due to these heat waves and farmers need to be vigilant to minimize the losses in their barns.”
The release notes that the losses will not have any impact on the current prices of poultry products.
Meanwhile The Guardian received images which showed that some birds were improperly dumped on a feeder road in the village of Spanish Lookout prompting BAHA officials to launch an investigation to determine who the culprit was.