It is the simple things


By Thamar Jones
The simple joys of life are what give it meaning and purpose. Yes, it feels pretty great to vacation in an exotic location or to treat yourself to lavish gifts. But let’s face it – for most of us, those events don’t happen very often. And when they do, the happiness they give is fleeting.
In addition, hoping for things you think might make you happy – like a new dress, new house, heck, whole new life! – puts your focus on what you don’t have. Focusing on what you lack and what you think you need can make you miserable.
The reality is, if we are searching for pleasure, we’re better off focusing on the simple joys. Joy sits within you and affects how you perceive, interpret and experience the world. It can transform a bad day, a rough time at work, or any of those tiny tragedies that cause us stress on a daily basis.
And when you add in the word simple, that’s when the magic happens. Focusing on the simple joys enables you to live in the moment, to cherish what you have, to enjoy the things that are freely and easily accessible to almost all of us. The following 50 things make up my own list of simple joys of life. They focus on the simple pleasures that come through sight, sound, touch, smell and taste. They make us focus on the moment.
My simple Joys of life
1. Waking up in time to see the sunrise
2. Getting squeaky clean, especially after a long hot day at work.
3. Enjoying a drink while watching TV, or reading a book
4. Petting and playing with your dog
5. Swimming naked in the dark
6. Listening to the rain on the roof
7. Staring at the flames of an open fire
8. Swinging on a swing like you did as a child
9. Tasting the first sip of coffee in the morning
10. Eating fresh, ripe, sun-warmed fruit
11. Luxuriating in a warm bath
12. Listening to your favorite song
13. Eating breakfast in bed
14. Searching for shells on the beach and taking one home as a reminder
15. Playing cards or dominoes all night
16. Snuggling in your blanket on a cold night
17. Dancing through the house
18. Receiving a pedicure and/or foot massage
19. Smelling your favorite perfume
20. Walking barefoot on the sand
21. Watching the sunset
22. Sharing your best memories with your loved ones
23. Sleeping in fresh, clean sheets
24. Lighting and basking in the scent of your favorite candle
25. Holding hands with a loved one
26. Calling your parents just to hear how their day was
27. Practicing meditation
28. Decluttering a drawer
29. Eating lunch outdoors
30. Making popcorn in a pot and then tipping warm melted butter over it
31. Getting lost in a new book
32. Watching a new episode of your favorite show
33. Eating your favorite dessert and savoring each bite
34. Singing in the shower no matter how tuneless
35. Going on a road trip with your favorite people
36. Feeling the rain on your bare skin
37. Listening to the waves crash on the shore
38. Laughing until you almost cry
39. Preparing a delicious meal and then eating it with loved ones
40. Making your own list of simple joys!