Two men to stand trial for triple murder

Shawn Flores and Kyle Zetina

It was on June 4, 2019 that the news of the horrific triple murder of Alarice Andrewin and two others inside her home at mile 10 ½ on the George Price Highway broke. Information of the vicious crime quickly spread, sending shock waves across the country. Andrewin, a career educator whose last job was working as the principal of Excelsior High School, was found bound and shot to death along with Vidal Antonio Yuman Cacho, a security guard, and his Guatemalan girlfriend, Maria Delfina Juarez Lucas.
For this triple homicide, police arrested and charged two men, Kyle Zetina and Shawn Flores. Now, less than two years later, the case against the accused persons has been set to trial in the June session of the Supreme Court following the completion of their preliminary inquiry. It has been determined that the Crown has evidence against the men and presented several witnesses, photos, and other material as evidence against them.