2 freed from home invasion and attempted murder charges

Tyrese Gladden
Shyiem Casimiro

In May 2020, the home of 61-year-old Michael Avilez located in the Ladyville community of the Belize district was broken into by two persons. Those persons, after gaining access to the home, proceeded to beat and stab Avilez, the home’s resident. After the horrific ordeal, Avilez reported the matter to the police and was able to identify his attackers, Tyrese Gladden and Shyiem Casimiro. As a result, they were arrested and charged on a number of offenses, including the attempted murder of the elderly man. That incident took place less than a year ago and now, both Gladden and Casimiro are free of the charges in relation to this incident. That is because Avilez appeared in court to inform them that he no longer wished to proceed with the matter against the men. He said that he was not threatened nor coerced in any way but simply forgave the young men since he knew them from the time they were children.
Before they were free to leave, however, Chief Magistrate Sharon Fraser did encourage both young men to offer apologies to the victim. They did, and explained that they had just left a party and were under the influence of alcohol and were unaware of what they were doing. Casimiro was free to leave the court but Gladden was taken back to prison. This is because he has another charge of attempted murder to answer to in the case of Philip Guzman. It is reported that he attempted to kill Guzman in January 2020. That case has been adjourned for April 15.