Prices for whole chicken and chicken cuts to increase


It has now been confirmed that the prices currently being paid by consumers when purchasing whole chicken and chicken parts will increase. This increase has been confirmed by the Belize Poultry Association and took effect on Tuesday, April 6. On average, the price of whole chicken will increase by $0.06 per pound, $0.16 per pound for chicken cuts, and an increase of $0.10 per pound for special chicken. Generally, the chicken being consumed by the average Belizean household is whole chickens, which stood at around $2.32 per pound and now, with the increase, will be somewhere in the range of $2.38 per pound. Because this is consumed most by the population, whole chickens are seeing the smallest increase.
The Association attributes these increases to a spike in the cost for raw feeding material for chicken, corn and soy. Before these increases, it was possible to buy 100 pounds of corn for between $24 and $26 but that now costs around $30, an increase of $0.04 per pound. Likewise, the cost of soybean stood at around $45 and $46 but has now skyrocketed to around $62, an increase of $16-$17.