Mennonites on the Social Assistance Line


The Government of Belize continues to provide some level of social assistance to Belizeans. On Wednesday, the Guardian received an image which tells how bad on economic situation the country is in as a number of Mennonites were actually on the Social Assistance Line in Orange Walk Town.
It is a strange sight as the Mennonite community are often reserved and self-reliant. To see them on the line speaks volumes of the economic condition the country is in or the extent to which political patronage has now reached.
The social assistance program was specifically designed to assist persons who are unemployed as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic. There is now a complete shift in the way how the assistance is now being distributed, as more and more persons who are actually employed but who support the current administration are allowed to access the finances. Previously the Ministry of Social Development would screen applicants, now it is left to political operatives to decide who gets and who does not get the assistance.