53-year-old woman charged for murder of common-law husband

Omar Kantun and Lesbia Alvarez

There was a gruesome murder which took place in the quiet southern village of Silk Grass located in the Stann Creek district. It took place on Friday, March 26 while Omar Kantun and his common-law wife were at their home in the village. Kantun, 45, was stabbed some 56 times to the body, with reports indicating that at least 40 of those were to his back. Initial rumors were that he was murdered at the hands of the woman with whom he was in a relationship, 53-year-old Lesbia Alvarez. Those rumors have seemingly been confirmed after Alvarez, a Guatemalan national, was arrested and charged for Kantun’s murder.
The case file was forwarded to the Office of the Director of Public Prosecution (DPP) who gave directives for Alvarez’s arrest. While the case is still fairly young in its investigations, the police have since learned that Kantun and Alvarez indeed had an abusive relationship. Incidents of this abuse, however, were never reported to the police. Neighbors of Kantun and Alvarez do confirm these reports and it has now gone to cost one of the parties their life.
ACP Joseph Myvett, Head of the National Crimes Investigation Branch, says that it is possible that the pair was involved in a domestic situation on Thursday which ultimately led to Kantun’s murder on Friday morning. For now, the police are uncertain if Alvarez acted alone or had an accomplice but the police are continuing their investigations.
Aside from the murder charge, Alvarez is also facing Immigration offenses.