Two cops charged for rogue behavior


Commanding officer of the Professional Standards Branch of the Police Department, Senior Superintendent Dwayne Sutherland, has confirmed that they will be charging two of their own following an altercation between officers in the Dangriga Police station.
A video circulated on social media shows 5 police officers inside the police station in Dangriga where there was an exchange of words between an officer identifying himself as Corporal Pech and another identifying himself as PC Gamboa. One of the officers is heard saying that, “I no wah mek deh chance mi lee breda a f#@%.” Thereafter, the harsh words turned into a physical confrontation. The video shows 5 of the male officers becoming engaged and having two female officers interceding.
Sutherland told the media via a Zoom meeting that the incident was sparked after two motorcycles were taken away from two police officers identified as brothers Akeem and Kenrick Gamboa. That took place sometime around 12:45a.m. on Wednesday March 31st in Dangriga as the officers were suspected to have been under the influence of some substance. Sometime around 1:15 on that same morning the two officers returned to recover their motorcycles but they were refused, and in trying to recover their motorbikes the altercation ensued.
Both officers have been detained and Commissioner of Police, Chester Williams, has given directives and the cops will be charged with assaulting a police officer, harm and they were also ticketed for violation of curfew regulations. Sutherland says that they will additionally face numerous internal disciplinary charges.
The two officers were not on duty and are stationed at the Gales Point Manatee sub-station.