Delroy Herrera Sr.

On Monday of this week, we received an invitation to a press conference that was to be hosted by Delroy Herrera Sr., on Tuesday, at 10a.m. at the Belize Institute of Management (BIM) in West Landivar. He was to discuss the proposed salary cut by Government and how it will affect all of us. The exact wording of the invite was “join us and listen to common sense and a true popular voice as we work together to make Belize even greater”. According to the invitation, Herrera would be speaking out on behalf of the forgotten man in the tense standoff between the Government and the trade unions and civil society. The invitation went on to state that Herrera would expose, as he did before, the self-serving attitude of the unions which have been co-opted through the years by Government and now are embarking on a destructive campaign on an issue on which the soul of the nation rests. Herrera would bring the common man’s voice into the discussion, presenting ideas and solutions for ending the impasse and moving forward to creating the government, economy and society that works for all. He would speak for those who cannot speak or who have been silenced, and he would hold all involved to account as he has before.
Tuesday came and went, but during the press conference the only thing that Herrera did was to prove to the world how big of a JACKASS he is. His entire presentation was full of ‘Dr Ross Pills’ and PUP propaganda. Herrera openly admitted that his wife is the sole breadwinner in his household, because he has been unemployed from last year when Covid-19 shutdown the tourism industry where he is a tour guide. However, he said that he supports cutting his wife’s salary, which is the only salary coming into his home and putting food on his table. Upon hearing that, right away we, like many other Belizeans began to ask, how stupid can one FREELOADER be? Doesn’t he know that if the little money going into his home is reduced, then his wife may not be able to feed him and maintain the home? Does he want to get back to the position he was in back in the second half of 2015 when a Bench Warrant was issued for him because of unpaid bills? Maybe he forgot, so let us remind him that it was at the same time that he was on that 2015 City Council slate for the PUP. Better yet maybe we need to ask Delroy Herrera, if it was financial constraints that caused him to have to move his family from the house at #13 Douglas Jones Street, to go live at his mother’s house?
One final question that we would like for Delroy Herrera Sr. to answer and that is, since he has been unemployed for a year and being a burden on his wife how was he able to pay for the venue for the press conference and if it was not him paying, who paid the $500 to $800, that a venue on the cheaper side would cost to host such an event?