Man burns down sister’s home before holding her hostage with machete


While there is still not much information being released by the police in regards to an incident which took place in San Antonio, Corozal, there are now a few more additional details. On Sunday, March 14, 2021, a video on social media showed a man holding a woman hostage with a machete. Onlookers became increasingly irate with the man’s actions, and even began to hurl rocks at him in an effort to free the woman.
It has since been learnt that the pair in the video are siblings, and that the man, simply identified as “Big Jun” had just burnt down his sister’s home. The woman has been identified as Cherry Lanza and was eventually helped by villagers who took sticks and stones to the man. He was later seen running off after letting go of his sister. He ran into a house as a gunshot was heard on the video. The man was later detained by police and escorted to the police station. To date, the police have not released an official report on the matter and it is unknown the outcome of his detention.