Vaccines now available in Belize for Covid-19


The Ministry of Health and Wellness held a press conference on Monday, March 1 during which it announced the planned roll out of the Covid-19 vaccine which is now available in Belize.
Dr. Marcelo Coyi, Doctor Eric Bradley and Sister Casilda Bowman were the first three healthcare frontline workers, who received the vaccine as the Government of Belize rolls out its vaccination program.
The goal of the Ministry of Health and Wellness is to issue vaccines to at least 58% of the population starting first with healthcare workers and persons aged 60 and over with co-morbidity conditions like cancer, HIV or those on dialysis.
In the second phase of the program, teachers, police officers, National Assembly members, members of the judiciary, customs and immigration will get their dose. The third phase will see BDF, Coast Guard, Fire Service and persons with co-morbidities like diabetes, hypertension and other ailments receive the vaccine. In the fourth phase all other public servants will be vaccinated along with public and private and public transportation providers. The fifth and final phase will see all persons ages 18 to 59 get vaccinated.
The vaccine will be administered free of cost.