Domestic dispute leads two men in court

Eric Vasquez

A dispute between an uncle and his nephew ended in court for both men and the uncle made the decision to forgive his nephew and drop the charges against him. 24-year-old Eric Vasquez, who had been detained by police since Percival Vasquez Sr. made the report, is now free of all criminal charges. Vasquez, a customer relations officer of Unity Street, Belize City, appeared before Magistrate Khadeen Palmer where he was read the charges of wounding and damage to property.
It is said that on Saturday, February 13, 2021, he and his uncle got into a dispute, causing him to wound his uncle’s forehead and arm. Furthermore, he caused damages to a wooden door valued at $150. Vasquez, who was unrepresented in court, pleaded not guilty to both charges but it was his uncle who came to his rescue and informed the court that he no longer wished to proceed with the matter. Percival Vasquez Sr. explained that he and his nephew will always be family and that he would not want to make bad for his nephew’s future. He was asked a number of questions by the magistrate to ensure that he was withdrawing the charges on his own free will. Satisfied that he was, the charges were withdrawn from against Eric Vasquez.