Floyd Carter Jr. murdered three months after his father

Floyd Carter Jr.

Another murder in the Belize District has been reported and this time, the victim is Floyd Carter Jr. The name might sound familiar since his father, Floyd Carter Sr., was himself the target of a homicide in Belize City in November of last year. This most recent fatality was recorded in the Lord’s Bank community in the Belize District on Tuesday, February 16, 2021. It took place on Serosi Street just after 9:00 p.m. when 20-year-old Carter Jr. and his brother-in-law had just left his girlfriend’s home. They were approached by an individual who pointed a firearm at them. They were reportedly instructed by the gunman not to move but Carter allegedly attempted to flee. It was while running away that he was followed and fatally shot.
The multiple gunshots interrupted the otherwise calm air in the area and when neighbors heard the loud bangs, they were quick to call the police. Officers from the Crime Investigations Branch (CIB) arrived on scene to meet Carter’s bullet riddled body in a pool of his own blood in the middle of the street. Police have not yet ascertained a motive but are investigating and are following several leads. At the time of his father’s murder, Commissioner of Police Chester Williams says that they believe the intended target in the November 2020 murder was in fact the younger Carter but because he was not found, they murdered his father. Supt. Alejandro Cowo, O.C., C.I.B., Eastern Division, has recently again expressed this theory. He has further stated that two persons who the police believe can be of assistance in this investigation have been detained.
Another theory that has erupted relates to a dispute the 20-year-old allegedly had with his girlfriend. Floyd Jr. was reportedly detained by police for this incident but was subsequently released. A reporter asked Superintendent Cowo if it was a possibility that Carter was lured to the location by his girlfriend to be murdered but Cowo says that the Belize Police Department is uncertain at this point.