$10,000 in fines for crack and weed

Raheem Bowden

A resident of the Ladyville community located in the Belize District is lucky to be at home after he was arraigned on drug related charges. 21-year-old Raheem Bowden, however, did not escape large fines after pleading guilty to three counts of possession of controlled drugs. It is reported that inside his home, police found 30.8 grams of cannabis as well as 1.3 grams and 6.1 grams of crack cocaine. At the time of the discovery, Bowden was inside the home along with three others, including a minor. All four people were arraigned before Magistrate Khadeen Palmer in the Belize City Magistrate’s Court on three counts of possession of a controlled drug but Bowden took ownership for the drugs. As a result, the charges were withdrawn from against the other persons and they were free to go.
Bowden, a first time offender, was fined $4,005 for the 1.3 grams of crack cocaine and given until October 30, 2021 to pay this fine. If he defaults on it, he will face a year in prison. For the 6.1 grams of crack cocaine, he was fined $6,005 to be paid by the end of February 2022 in default of five years in prison. For the weed, he was fined $305 to be paid by May 30, 2021 or in default, will face two months in prison. These fines come up to a total of $10,315. This is Bowden’s first conviction for drugs and the fact that he did not waste the court’s time in a trial when he pleaded guilty was why he was not imposed a custodial sentence.