159 teachers on the chopping block of Ministry of Education


The Guardian Newspaper is reliably informed that at least 159 dismissal letters have been prepared for teachers who will be relieved of their services to the Ministry of Education. The teachers form part of a cadre of professionals who work in various capacities in the ministry as what are known as Itinerant Resource Officers (IROs). While the letters have been prepared, they are yet to be distributed and we are told that officials at the Ministry of Education will wait until after the Municipal Elections to issue them to prevent any fall out.
The teachers, as we understand it, will be given their notice to stop providing their services to the Ministry and return to their respective schools from where they had been seconded from. While some of the teachers will be able to return to a school, a large number of them will not be able to do so as they have no school to go. In effect, they will basically be terminated.
The crux of the matter is that the teachers, who had been seconded have been receiving their salaries from their school’s management. However, those who were not attached to any school actually received their salaries through the ministry’s budget.
A clear number of how many will become jobless is not yet available but it is quite a large number.