Pro Organic Belize hosts Dr. Rosita Arvigo


Well-known herbalist Dr. Rosita Arvigo, in a video conference with Pro-Organic Belize members last week, updated them on her 40 years’ experience of organic gardening. According to Dr. Arvigo, her essential roles with gardening has brought shares of failures and success.
While gardening on a one-acre plot, some 1,800 feet above the Macal River, she discovered that her vegetable production had decreased and the topsoil became hard and brittle. That problem was solved with several bags of compost obtained from the nearby Chaa Creek Resort.
Today, Dr. Arvigo maintains a vegetable garden that during one season can produce ingredients for 500 salads. Her varied products have medicinal values as well.
Dr. Rosita Arvigo plants cilantro, which aids indigestion. The good doctor also plants turmeric which contains anti-inflammatory properties.
To improve COVID-19 outcomes, Dr. Rosita Arvigo recommends a combination of Jackass bitters (Neurolaena lobata), lemongrass, wormwood, and John Charles (Hyptis Verticillata). These are taken in one-quarter cup portions and the combination is boiled for ten minutes. The resulting liquid is drunk three times a day. John Charles boosts the immune system. By itself, the Jackass bitters have anti-microbial, antiviral, and anti-fungal properties.
Dr. Rosita Arvigo says that the lemongrass deserves special mention because the plant is used by Dr. Li Wen Lian at a hospital in Wuhan, China. Lemongrass contains Methylxanthines and Theophylline which prevent coagulation in the lung tissue of COVID-19 patients. In Wuhan, patients are given three glasses of lemongrass tea per day.
Pro-Organic Belize is a group in Western Belize that is promoting pesticide-free gardening. Their friendship with Dr. Arvigo has been longstanding and has resulted in useful knowledge transfer.