A student from Belmopan wins a writing prize


Kaylee Flowers, a fourth form student from Our Lady of Guadalupe High School (OLOGH) in Belmopan has shown great promise in writing. Kaylee Flowers received her certificate and $200.00 cash prize on Wednesday from the Belmopan Cancer Society after winning an essay competition.
In recognizing the event OLOGH has released the statement as follows: One important mode of communication, and for many, the most difficult is writing. Like many crafts, it requires time, effort, and dedication. May our future leaders hone their communication skills.
With her prize in hand, Kaylee Flowers has told the media that she wrote the essay to spread knowledge on the prevention and treatment of cancer. Flowers reported that anyone can get cancer and it can be deadly as well.
World Cancer Day 2021 was again observed this year. It is a global initiative, uniting many in the fight against cancer.
Here is the winning essay as written by Kaylee Flowers.
As of 2018, there was approximately 18 million cancer cases worldwide, 9.5 million of the cases in men, and 8.5 million cases in women. Seeing these big numbers, most people know at least one person who has or had cancer, or even passed away due to the disease. Some people might not even know they have a type of cancer, and end up dying from it, and this is one out of many reasons World Cancer Day was made. World Cancer Day was first held on February 4, 2000, in Paris at the first World Summit Against Cancer, to increase the awareness of the illness, encourage its detection, promote the different treatments, and also, it’s prevention globally. It is led by the Union for International Cancer Control to educate everyone about cancer, provide support to those suffering, and also bring hope. This day is very important as it is striving to prevent so many deaths across the world, and shedding light on its different perspectives.
Many people may not think about cancer as often, so World Cancer Day ensures that most of us are reminded that at any time we can develop a cancer, and to let us be aware of the signs, along with the various treatment options that can be available for us. It is also a day for cancer patients, survivors, people who have lost loved ones, to come together and shed light on this topic, and to remind everyone that if we work together, we can live a happier, healthier, cancer free life. We can see this in the 2021 theme, “Together, all our actions matter.”