Fired for Valentine’s


The Guardian has again received confirmation that at least nine persons have been fired from a statutory body. This time the firings have taken place at the Belize Marketing and Development Corporation. As has happened now in countless occasions, the firings are against those who are at the lower strata of society.
A letter we have obtained shows that a security guard was unceremoniously terminated without being given a reason. What’s worse is that the effective date for the termination is no other than, ‘The day of love,’- Valentine’s Day.
During a pandemic, this type of victimization is damning as those who are dependent on the very small salaries are now more exposed to abject poverty. We are now seeing as many as 500 persons who have been terminated in this manner and the firings continue unabated.
Their campaign slogan was “everybody fi win” but apparently it is quite a different story for the small man. There are not winning in fact, they are losing and of all things, they are losing their jobs.