Trial against robber who attacked 90-year-old man begins

Aaron Munnings

The sensational case against a 23-year-old accused of overpowering and robbing an elderly man of $2,000 in cash has kicked off before Senior Magistrate Tricia Pitts-Anderson. Aaron Munnings is the person accused of attacking and robbing 90-year-old Llewelyn Tillett on October 1, 2019. The incident was captured on surveillance camera, which shows that the attacker waylaid Tillett as he went inside the St. John’s Credit Union from where he withdrew $2,000. The attacker followed Tillett as he rode off on his bicycle and within seconds, ripped his pants pocket and stole the cash. The elderly man attempted to fight off the attacker but was unsuccessful.
In court, Tillett was called as the first witnessed and recounted the frightening experience. He recalls seeing someone inside the credit union as he withdrew his cash but the person had left before him. Unfortunately, he left the stand without being able to positively identify his attacker but said that it was the same person who left the credit union. The prosecution is relying heavily on the surveillance footage which puts Munnings on the scene and points him as the attacker.
Munnings is currently unrepresented and was initially remanded for robbery before being granted Supreme Court bail, which he remains on. The matter was adjourned for February 19, 2021.