Delivery man killed on Mahogany Street


There was a broad daylight shooting on Monday in Belize City, which caused the death of a delivery truck driver. The 43-year-old truck driver, Jose Santos, was inside a delivery truck in the vicinity of Tow Tow Supermarket on Mahogany Street when he was shot by a man riding a bicycle. Surveillance footage shows the entire ordeal from the moment the shooter appeared, opened fire, and rode away. The bustling traffic which is normal on Mahogany Street was interrupted by the loud bangs of shots being fired, hitting the resident from the Eight Miles Community. Police quickly arrive on the scene and Santos was transported to the hospital where he was later died.
Scenes of Crimes technicians arrived on the scene not too long after to meet the blood-stained passenger seat where Santos was seated. Not too far away, on Carnation Street, they found a black 9mm firearm with a live round of ammunition. It is believed that it was that gun which was used to kill Santos. Regardless, police are left with more questions than answers, including if it was a robbery turned shooting or simply a direct attack on Santos’s life.