Elderly man shot by GI3

Lionel Arnold Sr.

The Arnold family is distressed after their patriarch, Lionel Arnold Sr., was shot by officers attached to the Gang intelligence, Investigation, and Interdiction Unit or GI3, formerly the Gang Suppression Unit (GSU). The Unit was renamed and “rebranded” under the PUP but it seems that things are business as usual for them. According to reports from the Arnold family, GI3 members barged into their family yard located in the vicinity of Lakeview and Banak Streets. They say that it started when the police, who were conducting patrols in the area, attempted to search a man just outside of their yard. That is when their attention was drawn to a young man who was inside the yard. Reportedly, his entire face was covered with a mask. This caused the officers to become suspicious and barged into the yard. After turning from that young man, they turned onto a second and that is when the chaos truly erupted.
That person’s mother says that the police threatened to take her child to the police station, but for no reason. The family says that the officers then became very aggressive, and that is when the young man’s uncle came to his defense telling them that they had no right nor reason to want to arrest him and take him to the station. According to the family, the officers punched him twice in the face and his father, Lionel Arnold Sr., was standing off to the side. For some reason, one of the officers took out a weapon and discharged it, shooting Arnold Sr. in the thigh.
Thankfully, his injuries were not serious and he has already been discharged from the hospital but doctors say that things could have taken a turn for the worst. Furthermore, this incident further paints the Unit black. The Arnold family is looking to press charges against the officers and the Professional Standards Branch is investigating into the matter. Sr. Supt. Dwayne Sutherland, OC, Professional Standard Branch says that following their investigations, they will decide how to proceed with the matter.