Three to court for weed, one takes the wrap

Malcolm Robateau
Aaron Brown

A group of three persons were arraigned on a single charge of possession of a controlled drug with intent to supply after more than 1,000 grams of cannabis were found inside a yard. 27-year-old car dealer Malcolm Robateau, his 25-year-old girlfriend, and their maintenance worker 24-year-old Aaron Brown were all taken to court where they were represented by attorney Darrel Bradley. The trio appeared before Senior Magistrate Tricia Pitts Anderson before whom Brown, who is not a resident of the yard, pleaded guilty. As a result, the charge was withdrawn from the girlfriend but surprisingly, not against Robateau until hours later. Prosecutor in the case informed the court that he had received directives from his superior and after a few hours’ adjournment, Robateau was eventually granted bail in the sum of $2,000 plus one surety of the same. The case against him resumes on April 9, 2021 when he is due back in court.
This is Brown’s third drug related offense and Senior Magistrate Pitts-Anderson said that she found both aggravating and mitigating factors against Brown. To his benefit, Brown is gainfully employed and saved the court’s time by pleading guilty to the 1,124 grams of cannabis found. However, she also considered the large quantity of weed found and that this is now his third drug conviction. Regardless, the magistrate refrained from imposing a custodial sentence and fined Brown $3,000 plus the $5 cost of court to be paid by August 1, 2021. Should he be unable to pay, he will face seven months in prison.