Noise pollution in Hillview, Santa Elena Town


A resident from the Hillview Area of Santa Elena Town in the Cayo District is complaining of incessant noise pollution in her neighbourhood. The head of a family household, who does not want to be identified, reports of having exhausted all avenues for getting auditory relief.
The person begins her case by stating in her written post: What do law abiding citizens in this Country need do to get assistance with noise pollution? I have been complaining for the past six or seven years and all my complaints have fallen on deaf ears.
The Santa Elena citizen reports having a high school child, taking online classes who continuously struggles with the noise.
“My child is struggling to try to hear her teachers, while using earphones. Some days, like today, are worse. The noise was so bad, she had to take her device into her bedroom, lock all the windows and her bedroom door and yet she was unable to hear her class. This is because we already have all windows and doors on our house shut down!”
So far, the complainant has reported the issue to the Department of the Environment, Police and Town Council.
“Those not in the situation will not understand how stressful it is not to be able to sleep at night, or to be awakened at 2 a.m. by the sudden blast of loud music and outrageous bass,” she writes.
She also writes, “Some people have had the audacity to tell me to soundproof my house. We are already living like prisoners with bars on our homes, yet we need to soundproof our homes because others are inconsiderate?”