Let the Witch-hunt begin

Andrew Marshalleck
Marcello Blake

On Monday, February 1, the government officially empaneled a commission of inquiry to look into the sale of government assets between October 2019 and November 2020. The commissioners are attorney -at-law, Andrew Marshalleck, Marcello Blake from the Business Community and Public Service Union representative, Luis Luke Martinez.
Prime Minister John Briceño says that before taking up office he heard rumours of the “firesale” of government assets and this was now an opportunity to look into the allegations.
For all intents and purposes, it appears to be both a witch hunt and a red herring operation to distract the populace from what is really going on in the country. The Government has been doing a woeful job at keeping the population taken care of in the heights of the pandemic and it seems that feeding them the results of the inquiry would somehow ease their hunger.
What is more, is that there is no telling how much the inquiry will cost and how long it will go on for. Interestingly enough is the fact that the information which the inquiry is seeking is readily available. As we are informed, any and all sales or disposal of any government asset has to be approved by the Ministry of Finance. This ministry then, which is in the sole purview of the Prime Minister, should have all the information that the inquiry is missing. All Briceño needed to do was to walk over to the Financial Secretary’s office and request the information.
The gimmick of the inquiry is just a ruse to keep Belizeans distracted from what is really happening: the people are literally going hungry and the government is doing absolutely nothing to assist them in their greatest time of need.