Chronic alcoholism listed as cause in the death of Eli Chan

Eli Chan

The lifeless body of a man was found on a farm in the Maya Mopan Area of Belmopan on Thursday, January 28 and police have classified it as a sudden death. The family of Eli Chan says that he left home one day prior to go to a friend’s farm and never returned home. It was normal for him to go to the farm where he would sometimes work but his family became worried when he failed to return home since that was not a normal practice of his. They began to search the farm for their loved one but it was not until Thursday that a visitor of the farm met his lifeless body, facedown next to a tree.
Chan’s family believe that he was attacked and murdered and while police have since processed the scene and moved the body, they say that there were no visible signs of foul play. A post mortem, however, was conducted on the body and at the conclusion, the medical officer classified his death as due to an acute respiratory failure due to bronchopneumonia as a consequence of chronic alcoholism. As a result, the incident will be classified as a sudden death and not a homicide.