Over 1.5 tons of cocaine seized after drug plane lands


Police have been able to successfully intercept as many as 28 bales of cocaine which were on board a twin engine plane which landed in an area between Crooked Tree and Lemonal villages. The plane had been circling the Hillbank area of northern Belize when it eventually landed sometime after 3:30a.m. on Friday January 29. The police department had been assisted by a Mexican “Air Asset” which had tracked the plane into Belizean airspace. The police were quick to be deployed and when they arrived in the area, they found a plane engulfed in flames.
When a search was conducted in the area 23 bales of cocaine were found while two others were found in possession of 9 men. An additional 3 bales were found after being presumably tossed overboard by those moving the cargo.
Police say that a total of 28 bales of cocaine were found each with 30 one-kilo packs in them. The total weight of the drugs is in the region of 1,632 pounds. While all the cargo was not intercepted by police, they believe that most of it was recovered.