Food Assistance only has two months left

Hon. Dolores Balderamos Garcia
Hon. Shyne Barrow

Minister of Human development, Dolores Balderamos-Garcia, has stated that the Government of Belize can only continue to sustain the Grocery Bag Program for two more months. Minister Garcia has stated that there is simply no money for the program to be continued. Speaking on this matter was, Area Representative for the Mesopotamia division who boldly challenged the decision. Barrow explained during a press conference held on Thursday January 21 that, “We can’t eat streets.”
This was a direct salvo against the PUP after the government was able to allocate $14 million for streets in the supplementary budget yet very little has been allocated for social support. He pointed out that people are in need of food and the government is unable to assist. He noted that on one hand there are measures to keep people from going out to eke out a living, yet there are no support mechanisms in place to assist people.