Husband fined for common assault of wife and harm of stepson

Rudolph Dawson

A 53-year-old plumber and resident of Belize City, Rudolph Dawson, admittedly assaulted his wife along with that woman’s son. For this, Dawson was arraigned on three criminal charges including common assault and using insulting words upon his wife, Jolene Dawson, and harm upon her son, Tyrone Lino. This family dispute took place on Saturday, January 16, 2021 when, as Dawson puts it, he and his family became involved in a “little dispute”. He says that the real issue, however, dates back more than five years since he has been married to Jolene Dawson. According to Dawson, when the pair first got married, he was given permission to discipline his wife’s children but that it has been an uphill battle since then.
In the most recent incident, Dawson and his wife were allegedly in a verbal disagreement and Lino, in an attempt to protect his mother, attacked his stepfather with a fork. Dawson says that he told Lino to stay out and that is when matters became worse. He admitted to choking his wife before pinning her against a wall. Again, Lino intervened and that is when Dawson says he put his hands on Lino, causing scratches and a cut wound.
Dawson admitted his wrong and told the court that he felt the best thing would be for him to move out and make space for healing. He promised Magistrate Stephanie Gillett that something like this would not happen again. Since he is a first time offender, he was fined a total of $1,015 for all three charges. He has until April 2021 to clear his bill or can face up to 10 months in prison.