Former Labor employees charged for misappropriating $35,000

Emany Sanchez
Steve Murray Jr.

Over the weekend, police arrested 29-year-old Emany Sanchez and 39-year-old Steve Murray Jr., both former employees of the Ministry of Labor, Local Government, and Rural Transformation, as the result of an investigation into misappropriated funds. More than $35,000 of government funds have reportedly been stolen over the course of a year, from June 2019 to July 2020. ACP Joseph Myvett, Head of the National Crimes Investigation Branch, says that Sanchez and Murray, who worked as first and second class clerks respectively, signed false purchase orders, which were in turn handed over to their Chief Executive Officer (CEO) or another superior for approval. Once these purchase orders were approved, funds moved their way through the ministry’s smart stream system then into their personal accounts.
As a result of the police’s investigation so far, both Sanchez and Murray were charged with fifteen counts of theft. This investigation, however, does not end here and it is expected that as the audit continues that more people will be charged.