$10,000 fine for 94 grams of weed

Andrew Ozueta and Jason Faber

Four residents of Sandhill Village have been taken to court on a single charge of drug trafficking with intent to supply. They include 36-year-old fisherman, Andrew Ozueta, his 28-year-old girlfriend Iris Moralez, 39-year-old sales person Melanie Burns, and 35-year-old Jason Faber. They were found at a home in Sandhill with 94 grams of weed and arrested and charged as such.
The group appeared before Magistrate Stephanie Gillett where Faber claimed responsibility for the weed. He explained to the magistrate that he was using the substance along with vervine for medicinal purposes and also conceded that some was for his smoking pleasure. Despite his explanation, however, Magistrate Gillett explained that a person is only permitted 10 grams for their personal use. Because he had well in excess of this amount, he was fined the mandatory fine in accordance with the law for someone convicted of drug trafficking, $10,000. He was given until July 30, 2021 to pay this fine or will face three years in prison.
Prosecutor in the case, Cpl. Poot, withdrew the charge from against the other accused persons and they were free to go.