Will Ashcroft attorney help in selecting new judges in Belize?

Anjeline Welsh

Former Attorney General and Senator, Hon. Michael Peyrefitte, has exposed via a call in to Wave Radio’s Fus Ting da Mawnin that an attorney that has represented Michael Ashcroft related companies in litigation against the Government of Belize is now part of a committee to select new judges for Belize. Peyrefitte asserted that the committee has been empaneled to select a new Chief Justice, President of the Court of Appeal and other judges.
The senator says that a member of the committee is an attorney, Anjeline Welsh; she is now listed as a member of the Essex Court Chambers but was formally with Allen and Overy law firm which has represented Michael Ashcroft’s interests in a number of cases against the Government of Belize. Peyrefitte is now questioning the independence of any appointment that she may be involved in.