Risking Covid for less than a promise of land


On Thursday January 14, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Lands, Cordel Hyde, made his way to Dangriga, supposedly to help the people of that constituency to obtain a piece of land. It was such an anticipated event that at least 1,500 persons flocked to the town hall where the meeting was to take place. Even the post office was taken by surprise as all the 10 dollar stamps were sold out. But it was so poorly organized and the minister was so clueless it appeared to be an exercise in ineptitude.
By the time they realized what was taking place and how disorganized they were, the ministry personnel simply told the crowd that only 75 persons would be attended to. And the attention the people got was a mere recommendation letter by Hyde telling them they were entitled to “a parcel of land.” What’s more the recommendation was to be sent in along with an application to the ministry of lands. Interestingly enough, the letter was provided by Hyde and was intended for Hyde.
Needless to say, there is now mass discontent in Dangriga after they believe they were simply set up. They braved the sun and the risk of catching Covid-19 for a mere recommendation letter.