This George Price Day will be a memorable one for many Belizeans. For some Belizeans those memories will be pleasant ones. However, some 80 plus Belizeans will be remembering it as the day when they were fired from their jobs by a cold-hearted vindictive government. Those 80 perople include 80 people who were working in various positions at the Bus Terminals across the county as a part of the Terminal Management Units. Their positions ranged from Janitors to Terminal Managers. It appears that the PUP did it as a twisted tribute to George Price, whose mantra, was “PUNISH YOUR ENEMIES AND REWARD YOUR FRIENDS.”
The firing of those 80 plus hard-working Belizeans, just because those persons were hired during the past 13 years under a UDP government, has to be one of the most vindictive things that we’ve seen from any government. It is even a new low for the PUP. Many of the persons who the PUP classified as supporters of the United Democratic Party, voted for the PUP, and they were at some of the very same COVID-19 superspreader events organized by the PUP before and after the election. The Terminal with the most people being fired was the Belize City Terminal, where all 25 employees, were sent packing. The second largest amount was in Belmopan with 16 being fired. 13 came from Orange Walk, 10 from Mango Creek, eight from Corozal, seven from Dangriga and one from the Punta Gorda terminal. Even before they were fired, their replacement were already hired from amongst some hardcore PUP supporters.
This type of vindictive behaviour comes from a government that came to power by claiming that when they won “EVERYBODY FI WIN; TODOS GANAMOS.” The persons who were fired are poor people who were not in any position to hurt the government. For example what harm could the persons who swept the floors or clean the toilets do to the government? Was there state secrets stashed inside the toilets, that the government didn’t want to get out? It is now almost a week later, and we still have not heard anything from the poor people’s champion, Cordel Hyde, who was the Acting Prime Minister at the time the people were being fired. We’ve also not heard anything from that other defender of the poor, Kareem Musa, who was at home at the time playing the role of Nero. However, this present day Nero was not playing his fiddle, he was at home making FUDGE, while singing and dancing. The PUP needs to be reminded who the real bosses are and on March 3, they will be given a taste of their own medicine at the Municipal Elections.