Catch Covid to get groceries


It seems that the only way that residents can get any kind of assistance from the Government of Belize is if they catch the Covid-19 virus. The Ministry of Human Development has put an end to the financial and food assistance that was being given under the previous administration. Now, they are asking those who need assistance to apply all over again. The process seems to be an interminable one where those who apply are placed on a waiting list that has yet to begin to be processed.
Meanwhile, Belizeans are on a daily basis being impacted by the Corona virus, some are even dying! A program that has been brought to our attention is one where only persons, who have been tested as positive for the Covid-19 virus can get a one-time grocery bag.
We had been informed of this and were incredulous to it until we actually saw and advert stating the same. While the gesture is notable, the delivery is slim. The grocery bag lacks many of the previously available goods and while residents do not wish to look a gift-horse in the mouth, the sad reality is that there is much to be desired of the one off help. Some said we prefer no help than to be disrespected in this manner.