Does Liu Nan Own the Belize City Council?


If you are a player in the business community you will know the name of the notorious businesswoman from Belmopan. And if you are not of that merchant class, you still have probably heard of her exploits once or twice. She is the name of the venal businesswoman who Mayor Wagner accused of leaving a $2,500 bribe on the desk of the City Administrator early in the PUP Council’s term.
The Council called every single media house to report the incident. The Mayor boasted that they didn’t accept the money because this was a Council of integrity – though they didn’t report the attempted bribe to the police. This incident took place sometime in October 2018.
Fast forward two and a half years later and it seems the bribe eventually made it to the right desk. Extremely reliable information from sources at the management level of the Belize City Council is that since that attempted bribe, the Council has sought out the venal business woman for products and services in the tune of millions of dollars!
Employees claim that she walks around City Hall “like she owns the place”. She is the sole supplier for office equipment, essentials, furniture, etc. This sweetheart relationship with the Council was developed shortly after the “attempted bribe”.
Our sources at City Hall promise to provide additional information on just how sweet the relationship is between her and the Council; how preferential treatment was given during Belize City land auction and much more. Stay tuned, our investigation has just begun.