Jose Mai changes his mind about Lala milk and cheese


At the meeting of the House of Representatives on Friday, January 7, Jose Mai, Minister of Agriculture, made a firm position on the importation of dairy products to Belize. As he put it, we have an oversaturated market of cheese, milk, and other dairy products and that there should be amendments to the importation of LALA milk, Kraft cheeses, and other products since there is dairy production in country. According to him, the government elected not to issue any import permits for cheese and soon, rumors spread of a complete ban on the importation of dairy products.
Following this statement, there was quite the stir on social media in which people expressed their discontent to not having access to these products. Furthermore, people talked of the minimal shelf life of the dairy products made in the country of Belize. It seems that he picked up on this and changed his statement just days later. He then made a public Facebook statement stating that while his family loves LALA milk itself, there must be some consideration to contribute to our small but thriving dairy industry. He says, now, that there is no intention to ban the importation of these products but that there needs to be efforts to sustain our local market which sees minimal income generation when compared to products imported from Mexico and Holland. While that may have been one rationale, ministry insiders tell us that just on Tuesday, a businessman of free zone fame got his license to import Lala milk.
All in all, Mai has changed from saying that there needs to be a ban on the importation of dairy to the need for balance when consuming and purchasing both internationally and locally produced dairy items.
We dare hazard a guess that it is likely that Mai actually lives in La-la land. We need to remind him; he who pays the piper, calls the tune!