Dengue infections down for 2020

Kim Bautista

It would almost seem that since COVID-19 came to exist, that other diseases are not the focal points for the Ministry of Health and Wellness. This would not automatically translate into bad news; however, and in the case of dengue infections, there is actually very good news. In 2019, there were 8,359 dengue infections and in 2020, just 1,163 cases were recorded. This is a decline of around 86% and for 2020, there were no dengue-related deaths recorded compared to 10 for 2019.
Some of the reasons for these significant decreases, according to Kim Bautista of the Ministry of Health and Wellness, are the restriction in movement in the country as well as the closing of our borders. These restrictions were brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic as Government attempted to slow the spread of the virus once the first cases was detected. Based on these conclusions, then, we should be able to expect equivalently low numbers for 2021.