New year Level up


By Thamar Jones
If you desire to live a life of affluence, abundance, and happiness, you must begin to think of what that looks like and intentionally create it.
To level up in a video game requires your character to acquire some skills, points, strength, and other attributes, or else you would keep repeating the same round. It’s the same with a job, school, relationships and the game of life. But when it comes to leveling up in life, sadly, not everyone does.
Why is that? Is it a case of complacency? Laziness? Ignorance? Bad luck? I believe that for you to level up your life, there needs to be a deep desire to do so. You’ve got to roll up your sleeves, take some risks, and totally go for it. You need to go from wanting to change your life to deciding to change your life.
Leveling up start with a mental shift, a change in mindset. You can change your mind set by reading books on the topic of self-improvement, hanging out with people who are living the life you dream of living, visualizing yourself living that life, and by making moves toward your goals. Each little success you experience, adds to your self-confidence and affirms the belief that you really can accomplish things you set your mind to.
Next, level up your goals! Be ambitious when it comes to your goals. Do not limit yourself. The goal itself is just the outcome, but to achieve the goal, you must learn strategy, create plans, and execute them. You must develop high-performance skills.
As I created next level goals for myself, I was able to build my character and work toward creating the kind of life I used to be jealous of. I was able to find my purpose and mold myself into a high-value woman. My standards raised, my career grew, and above all, my confidence and courage. I did make mistakes along the way, but that’s all part of the journey.
I was a timid girl who sat on the sidelines and hid in the shadows. And I learned that if I wanted to achieve the goals I needed to refine myself. I needed to embrace my inner femme fatale, and I needed to change my mindset. That took time.
Next level goals build your character and push you beyond your comfort zone. You might fail the first few times, but if your desire is strong & you are your motivational driver, you will pursue them.
Then, I began to reinvent and level up my external life. Let’s backtrack to the top of this post where I mentioned the great emphasis on leveling up from the outside. When you couple the internal shifting with the external shifting your results last.
There were many stages that I went through in this game, and refining my external life was one of them that saw a lot of that. From trading partying to dinners and lunch dates to eating on my sofa to getting a dining table. It was the small tweaks that gradually taught me the true meaning of leveling up.
Enhancing the way that I dressed, my physical self-care, my eating habits, what I watched on TV, the people I followed, investing in my education, all made a difference. As you level up, your values will change and your external world will begin to reflect that.
You won’t get lasting results if you only refine the outside and your internal programming remains the same. I tried that. And what I experienced was frustration, overwhelm, and comparisons. You also won’t creating lasting change if you rush the process. I also tried that. Pace yourself, and gradually build instead of trying to replicate what others were doing. And that’s why it’s important to troubleshoot your life to see what YOU want and work on creating it gradually.
I invite you to ask yourself that question. What does your level up look like to you? What are the core elements of it? How are you showing up? What does your wardrobe look like? How do you feel every day? What career do you have? When you begin to identify those key elements, you will truly create lasting transformation.
If you desire to live a life of abundance, wealth, and pleasure, you must begin to think of what that looks like and intentionally create it.