Huffing at customs

Ian Haylock

There is mass discontent in the Customs department as The Guardian has confirmed that a new Comptroller of Customs has been appointed much to the chagrin of the presumptive successor, Ian Haylock. Not to be left behind is the rank and file within the department who have commented that “she cannot lead us, as she has absolutely no leadership skills or capacity.” Haylock, as we understand it was summoned to Belmopan only to be told that he would not be given the office. He was told that his current subordinate, Estelle Leslie, has been appointed by no other than the Prime Minister. In effect, Haylock was huffed for a lower ranking officer.

Estelle Leslie

The news of the appointment spread like wildfire within the department and has caused great unsettlement, so much so that in order to hold the disarray in place, the current comptroller Colin Griffith, has been given a one month extension.
We are told that Haylock, who has always outranked the new appointee, holds double masters degrees, in Public Administration from the University of the West Indies and a Masters in Customs management from the International Customs Organization, the premiere institution that trains senior Customs officers worldwide.
While Haylock may have been qualified, so too is Leslie, being a long standing PUP stalwart who openly flaunts her political affiliation, having PUP stickers on her vehicle.
What’s more interesting is that there are reports that Leslie is already not able to handle the position she currently holds. One officer told us, “God help us all.”